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Tripsbeyond is the worldwide tailormade tour operator from the Stewart Travel Group. Creating stunning and experiential itineraries for various destinations around the world. I collaboratively helped mould the department in the direction is it now going using TProfile at the core of bringing our itineraries to life.

Why did you decide to use TProfile?

T Profile was the obvious choice from the start. To begin with, I believe in the team and what they are trying to create from its website right the way through to the customer portal & documentation. We use T Profile for handling our enquiries, creating our quotes, communicating with our customer via email or text and managing our content.

How did you hear about TProfile?

Our Marketing Department knew of TProfile’s work in other parts of the travel industry.

How did you find the onboarding and implementation process?

The beginning seems so long ago now, with plenty of planning and thought being placed into making the system work for us. Creating tailor-made holidays can be complicated and we needed an adaptable, user-friendly and visually stunning system to deliver what we wanted to create. TProfile, despite being busy, have gone on to create a fully functioning system that ticks all the boxes in our design brief, and after 2 years we are only getting started with what we want to achieve with them.

How’s the service been since?

Personal. It’s the personal service you get from them that I like. The way they communicate with you and the friendly professional manner they all have.

What results have you seen since you started working TProfile?

We have had great conversions in our enquiries, and more importantly to this, the feedback from customers has been superb. They love the way the itinerary tells a vivid and exciting story, and this is only at quote stage. Our customers get excited about what they are presented with, and the way we communicate through TProfile keeps this relationship strong, all the way to booking. We rarely get negative feedback about the way the quotes look and feel.

Quote to sales conversion

This remains high which we are more than happy with. I feel that it’s the speed of the conversions that helps too. These can be big trips and customers can take time to consider them, but the look and feel of the quotes entice them to book sooner in my opinion.

Improvement to customer engagement due to the tool

The system that we had in place before was not that flexible and offered very little visually in the quote. Despite this, we were very successful with the conversions and number of bookings that we obtained. When TProfile came in it brought up the standard significantly on how we engaged with our customers. The sales team were able to deliver a much better-looking quote, communicate slicker with integrated emailing and text messages, and describe what we are selling effectively. The customer benefitted from a very personal, interactive quote describing their itinerary perfectly.

New business as a result of using the quote/CRM tools.

With the introduction of TProfile, we were able to speed up the way we created quotes and deliver them a lot faster to hot leads. This allows us to move through a higher volume of enquiries and increase are new business as a direct result.

Anything else?

Overall, I find TProfile as a systems and company a pleasure to work with. They work very hard to deliver a level of excellence that we want our customers to have every day.


A wonderful company to work with. They have really pushed our quoting platform to maximise their incredible itineraries. 


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