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We understand to difficulties driving customer engagement and delivering and maximizing conversion.  TProfile is an intuitive system that delivers an exceptional experience for both customers, agents and administrators. Manage all your customer enquiries, communications, bookings and documentation in one place, across multiple brands. With automated and template messages built in and an existing populated content managements system you can  deploy and get agents operational immediately.

The speed of delivery and quality of quotes sent to customers is world leading and a key differentiator in driving an increase in both conversion and retention ratios. Direct customer feedback within the quote ensures a prompt and easy response from customers which in turn triggers any required tasks for agents to follow up.

User levels and permissions are built in so you can have a team of agents together with a team of coordinators or senior managers monitoring the business in real time. Easily see how many quotes have been sent, pipeline and booking figures on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis and at individual agent level or overall. All of this data is fully downloadable for off line reporting or you can use our built in functionality.

  • Manage all, or component parts of the customer journey and experience
  • Provide the most detailed customer profiling opportunities within the travel sector
  • Capture and manage all enquiries both online and offline, with manual or auto assign to agents
  • Provide tools allowing the creation of exceptional quality quotes combining rich content and personalised messages using basic information and itinerary data
  • Automate notifications to customers
  • Automate tasks for agents
  • Manage all communications between business and customer, covering  outbound and inbound mails, calls and SMS messaging.
  • Maintain a complete chronological history of every part of an enquiry from initial contact through to booking and return.
  • Automatically record system events within the customer history, including all communications and open rates for customer quotes and communications.
  • Integrate with booking and other back office systems
  • Allow all created quotes within the system to be stored re-used for product pages, campaigns and importantly, auto matching to customer profiling
  • Provide customers with an online space to manage personal details, preferences, enquiries, bookings, documentation, group events, etc
  • Automate the creation of high quality documentation
  • Provide access to payment systems, be that single payments or the set up of direct debits
  • Automate after sales communication with customers including, up sell, balance due, reminders, review request, loyalty points update, etc
  • Provide detailed real time business reporting on all aspects of bookings and enquiries
  • Provide visibility ay management level of pipeline, performance and outstanding tasks
  • Deliver a lite version which will fit perfectly in terms of cost and functionality, for a consortia based business.
  • Creation and hosting of high quality consumer websites, with all the above integrated.
  • Above all, we ensure the customer experience is exceptional!

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