Release Notes 20.6

Release Notes 20.6

Jul 24, 2020adminRelease Notes

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Please find a link below to TProfile 20.6 release notes, which was released this morning. This release relates directly to our front end cruise platform.

As noted in previous release notes we are powering ahead with significant developments that were planned for later in the year.The main development in this release is as follows :-

  • Cruise Categories - You can now create categories for your cruises. This will allow you to individually select cruises for things like your home page or create dedicated pages and base your category of a dynamic search query.
  • Cruise Search Results - We have implemented caching to dramatically increase the load of time of cruises when using the search functionality. Cruise query results are cached for 10 minutes to improve speed by over 15x. This means a 1.5 second cruise search will take around 100ms on a subsequent request with the same search criteria improving the custom experience vastly.
  • Cruise Packages - Price tracking has now been implemented for cruise packages. Previously when you created a package based on an existing cruise the system would take a snapshot of the price data and it would be your responsibility to maintain these. Now you can choose to track the parent cruise pricing, this allows you to use the price edit to increase or decrease the base price to suit your package and still take full advantage of the frequent price updates without having to manually input these.
  • Ship Editor - You can now update the cruise ship names, cover images and overview as well as providing your own custom SEO information for page titles and descriptions.

Any questions or training requirements don't hesitate to contact either myself or Kerrie.

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